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Colombia – Narino, Inga Mystique


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smooth-bodied, well-nuanced bean with chocolate overtones… the cup has just a bit of citrus and floral component

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From the Narino region, comes a smooth-bodied, well-nuanced bean with chocolate overtones. The cup has just a bit of citrus and floral component, and along with the oily mouthfeel is in keeping with the overall flavor profile; a perfect coffee for those who perceive Colombians as ordinary grocery-store beans.

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1 review for Colombia – Narino, Inga Mystique

  1. Nathan

    This is one of the best cups of coffee that you’ll find. I find the Colombia-Bourbon roast to be the perfect cup of coffee on a cool morning when you want to linger over a little morning reading before heading off to the hustle and bustle of the day. The flavor palette on this coffee definitely comes through as you reach the middle and bottom of the cup, sending you back to your kitchen to prepare another cup.

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