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      Decaffeinated naturally, using the Mountain Water process, this Ethiopian really shines and has its flavors intact!  We find peach, slight raspberry, slight spice in the aftertaste.

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    Decaffeinated naturally, using the Mountain Water process, this Peruvian coffee really shines and has its flavors intact!  We find toffee/caramel, watermelon, and vanilla with a slight spice in the aftertaste, with its impressive sweetness increasing as it cools. It really is another sleeper – this one could pass as a very pleasant non-decaf coffee.  Perfect for any time of day, or for those simply wanting to avoid caffeine.


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    3 reviews for Peru, Mountain-Water Process

    1. Kate

      I had been looking for a coffee that was both great-tasting, and easy on my stomach, and this coffee is both and so much more! Not only is it the gentlest coffee on my stomach that I have ever had, it also has the best flavor of anything I’ve tried. I used to have to jazz up my coffee with a ton of cream and load it up with sweeteners, but not this stuff. It has such a smooth flavor, and with all of the stuff that I no longer have to add to it, it actually saves me money.

      My orders are always ready on time (usually earlier) and it’s a great price for the value it offers. I can’t recommend The Excellent Cup highly enough!

    2. david.brearley@solarprofessional.com (verified owner)

      Great value for a high quality SO decaf coffee. My wife enjoyed it both in her morning cappuccinos and as the occasional pourover.

    3. Rick Groszkiewicz

      This is a great decaf, which I have really enjoyed. That means it is almost as good as your other great coffees. My friends have raved about it, since it is FAR better than any other decaf coffee they have had.

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