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Coffee Has The Ability To Amaze

More than 800 substances—many more than in wine—in a coffee bean contribute to the complex flavors of coffee. Some flavors, such as the blueberry and the earthiness of Ethiopian Harar, hit you over the head. In others, such as Colombian and Mexican beans, flavors of cocoa and citrus are more subtle. It’s a privilege to participate in the process of bringing out these flavors by roasting the highest quality gourmet coffee beans for customers.

But using phrases like, “Fresh Roasted Gourmet Coffee” isn’t good enough. Premium coffee beans which are roasted perfectly to bring out their best flavor are essential for an outstanding coffee experience, and that’s what we promise to you. While gourmet and specialty are terms that have become popular, too often what we settle for is a consistently mediocre cup of coffee. Only a small operation has the ability to select and roast the highest quality specialty gourmet coffee beans that go beyond what most are selling. Beans may vary ever so slightly from roast to roast and will change from season to season, and The Excellent Cup is adept at corralling those changes in a way that larger businesses can’t. By only having the best premium beans picked at the correct times and artistically roasted, you can be assured that you will be getting the best coffee possible.

We’ve Been Roasting Coffee Since 2004

With nothing but extremely satisfied customers. The retention of loyal customers, the distances from which they drive to pick up coffee and/or the distances where our coffees are shipped to, speaks volumes!

High Standards & The Best Coffee

Our rejection rate of samples from various importers is roughly 90%. For every 100 samples barely nine are found to be special enough for our customers. The person in charge of finding, reviewing, and buying the coffees we offer also does consulting work for an importer, grading/approving all of their coffees, from the farmers’ pre-ship samples and again once the approved coffees arrive to ensure all went well from the time they contracted with the farmer to when they arrive on our shores. We also contract to do cupping/grading evaluations for a medium-sized roaster in IL who trusts the palates here solely, and likes not having to source his own coffees.

As a small batch artisan roaster, we roast to order and ship the same day, typically early in the week, which ensures freshness. Here at The Excellent Cup, we believe everything we do is geared around making your coffee world a more beautiful place!

It’s a privilege to participate in the process of bringing out these intricate flavors by putting our years of experience to work for you, roasting the highest quality gourmet coffee beans for our customers. You are invited to discover new heights in coffee pleasure.

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